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Yang Zongkai Interpreted the Network Education Directions and Misunderstandings under the Epidemic Situation on the CCTV

release time:2020-04-02

At 19:30 p.m. on April 1st, Professor Yang Zongkai, director of the National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning and the National Engineering Laboratory for Educational Big Data, was invited by the CCTV Financial Channel "China Economy Lecture Hall" again, and participated in the fourth issue of the special program "New Opportunities after the Epidemic" during the epidemic period, exclusively explaining "What are the directions and misunderstandings of network education caused by the epidemic? ".


Yang Zongkai pointed out that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Education put forward the guidance of "Suspension of classes without suspension of teaching and learning", and schools at all levels nationwide began the one-time transformation from traditional classroom teaching to super-large-scale online teaching. This is not only the first time in the world, but also the largest innovative online teaching practice in human history. It can be called "classroom revolution" or "learning revolution". The epidemic has changed the form of education and teaching. It has not only formed a variety of teaching methods, but also changed students' ways how they acquire knowledge. Information technology is driving a new round of education and teaching environment upgrade.

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