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National Engineering Research Center For E-Learning (NERCEL) has set out its mission to be the frontier in e-learning area, the pursuit of innovation and creativity in e-learning technologies, the introduction and integration of advanced e-learning achievements, and the application of e-learning technology to meet societal and human needs. In both research and application, NERCEL is guided by the international e-learning standards.The overall objectives of NERCEL is becomes a world class research platform for e-learning technology innovation, technology transformation, engineering application, and technical training.

In 2009, Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China has approved the establishment of NERCEL. It is the only one national level research center in education field. NERCEL is supported by Huazhong Normal University, Engineering & Research Center for Information Technology on Education run by Huazhong Normal University, Engineering & Research Center for Information Technology on Education under the supervision of ministry of education, and Educational Information Technology Engineering & Research Center under the supervision of Hubei Province.

NERCEL has held the first ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 conference in China, participated in design and drafting over 16 information technology standards, and received research funding from national 973 project, national 863 project, the 11th five-year key programs for science and technology development of China, national natural science foundation of China, and cultivation fund of the key scientific and technical innovation project. It provided comprehensive service to teacher training and educational resource sharing especially in rural area, and developed series of technologies and products in e-learning, learning resource, and campus online media monitoring.

NERCEL strives to internationalize its educational mission and advance its research efforts to meet global standards of excellence. The center actively pursues international contacts with overseas universities, corporations, open source software organizations, and industrial leaders for cooperative activities.

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(National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning)
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