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Product & Engineering Department

Product and engineering department is focusing on e-learning technology transform and application, undertaking NERCEL's large scale system engineering development project, and developing e-learning software and hardware products.

Learning Assistant Product Studio

Learning assistant product studio's research is focusing on primary and secondary education and its learning assistant products are towards mathmetics, physics, chemistry, English, and Chinese subjects.The product has following features:
(1) Interactive and ingelligent
(2) Closely related with the subject, covering all the important and difficult contents on the syllabus and highlighting the subject characteristics
(3) Help students to understand and master the knowledge and develop their ability and sense of innovation
Currently, several learning assistant products including "dynamic geometry learning system", "high school physics virtual experimental platform" and "high school physics virtual experimental platform" are under development.

Electronic Classroom Studio

Electronic classroom product studio's research is education-oriented, the studio is focusing on learning environment design, digitalized classroom technology, electronic classroom software and hardware development, and electronic classroom standard making. We put emphasis on digitalize the educational content, teaching process, and teaching method. In order to adapt to customized teaching and learning requirement we strive to utilize instructional design and organized classroom activity, to improve teacher's information technology skills, to renew teaching methodology, to stimulate student's learning interest and initiative thinking. The ongoing research project and product including, PGP Teaching Platform, PGP Courseware Producing Platform, and PGP Classroom Interaction Terminal.

Resource Product Studio

Resource product studio's work focuses on planning, design, develop, produce, apply, and evaluate digitalized teaching and learning resources. The research team is consisted by teachers from different discipline and experts from pedagogy, psychology, educational technology, multi-media design and other areas.

Leaning Platform Studio

The leaning platform studio is working on E-learning support systems and platform products to provide infrastructure information and technical support for E-learning. Leaning platform studio’s product include online learning and training, mobile learning, real-time course sharing, high quality e-learning resource service, educational information management. Leaning platform studio’s client mainly are teachers and students from preschool education, primary school and middle school, professional training facilities, higher education institutions. Leaning platform studio’s products provide a wide range of e-learning choices including classroom study service, home study service, and mobile study service.

Media and Intelligent Monitoring Product Studio

Media and intelligent monitoring product studio was established in 2010. The studio's development focuses on creating technology products in education and video surveillance. The objective of the studio is to develop the well-known market-oriented products in multimodality video technology by integrating the recent advances in multimedia, computer vision, sensor technology, and cameras. The studio also emphasizes the cultivation of young researchers and developers and both Master and PhD students. The goal of human capital development is to cultivate a batch of research leaders in multimodality video technology; the goal of product development is to invent a batch of well-known products. The lab aims to become one of well-known studios in the world in multimodality video technology.

Marketing and Cooperation Department

Marketing and cooperation department is focusing on the promotion and implementation of e-learning products, responsible for NERCEL's domestic and international cooperation and communication, providing training and consulting services, and facilitating the technology transform of research project.

Technology Transfer and Marketing Studio

The studio responsible for NERCEL’s research products’ technology transfer and marketing, offering technology transfer training and consulting services, providing a systematic NERCEL e-learning product line and solution. Currently the studio’s services include primary and secondary educational resource database, e-learning assistant toolkit, and the future classroom solution. NERCEL’s products have been implemented in primary and secondary education institution all over Hubei province and enjoy an outstanding reputation in the domestic marketplace leads to long-term success.

Strategy Planning and Standard Making Studio

The studio is responsible for national educational informatization strategy analysis base related projects, and work on planning domestic educational informatization development strategy and making e-learning standards. As a major participant of China E-Learning Technology Standardization Committee, the studio strives to adapt to education industry’s requirements and promote e-learning technology standards, regulation, software, and test system into practice.

International Communication and Corporation Studio

The studio is responsible for connecting universities, companies, and research institutions around the world, introducing high quality educational resources and technology, and improving NERCEL’s research outcomes, to build a circular for introduce-absorption-innovation. The studio also opens to work with other educational organizations on national level research and engineering projects.

Research Department

The department is responsible for national level and province level research project research, and undertaking the application and implementation of major research projects in NERCEL, including key programs for science and technology development of China, national 863 project, national natural science foundation of China project, etc.

General Management Office

The office is responsible for daily clerical work in NERCEL, including secretary, network management, equipment management, document management, finance, reception, etc.

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