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CCNU's Online Teaching Guidance and Training Work Reported by China Educational Television

release time:2020-04-19

During the epidemic, in order to help teachers understand how to better integrate education and Internet technology, master teaching courseware making methods, and carry out online teaching more efficiently, professors from Central China Normal University (CCNU) were invited to participate in the live webcast of China Educational Television's live webcast program "The Same Class · Help Teachers" to impart experience to teachers. The program was reported by the National Education News Broadcast at 6:30 p.m. on April 18.



CCNU is an important base for theoretical research, technology development, product promotion and industrial demonstration of educational informatization in China. It is responsible for guiding primary and secondary schools in Wuhan and Hubei province to carry out online teaching activities during the epidemic. In order to improve the online teaching ability of primary and secondary school teachers effectively, a number of professors from CCNU were participated in the live webcast program "The Same Class · Help Teachers".

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