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Discipline-oriented Tools and Resources

release time:2012-10-16

Discipline tools are the deepintegration of information and discipline and are used to assist teaching andlearning. Compared with Flash and PPT, discipline tools can grasp differentdiscipline’s feature. All discipline tools are combined with PanGu and also areused alone.1 math-oriented dynamic geometry toolsBased on dynamic geometry technology, thetools can realize algebraic operations, function mapping, geometric drawing,graphic transformation, animation, measuring, tracking and reasoninggeometrical theorems, including algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry andanalytic geometry.

 Triangleinterior angle summation theorom Geometric transformation and graphic design

The iteration of Cylindrical spiral track Conical spiral track Cube is cut into building blocks three four-sidedpyramid

2 physics and chemistry-orientedsimulation toolsThe platform can provide vividscene so that students are easy to understand physics and chemistry conceptsand laws.Physical visual experimentalplatformPhysicalsimulation software includes two main modules— mechanics and electricity. Thesoftware includes physical theorems so that users are able to produceexperimental cases.

Chemistry visual experimentalplatformChemistry simulation softwareincludes a serial of chemistry experiments.

3Music-oriented digital toolsBasic music teaching software,virtual piano instruments and music visualization tools are developed.

Virtual piano instruments

Music visualization tools

Basic music theory teachingsoftware

4 History and geography-orientedinteractive GIS tools The tools realize interaction ofknowledge in the teaching process, achieve intuitive and profound understandingand meet personalized, vivid and comprehensive teaching needs.

The puzzle of administrative region Earth’s rotation and turnover


Lunar phase diagram Virtual three-dimensionalForbidden City

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