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The project concerned the formation of CERNEL

release time:2012-10-17

Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2009, relying on the CCNU, NERCEL (National Engineering Research Center forE-Learning) is the only national research institutions in the field of education informatization. It is also a base concerned the research of education information theory technology development, product promotion, industry demonstration. It is arepresentativeof the first-class level of the domestic field of education information technology R & D and engineering practice.

The construction of NERCEL is for that: based on the technology original innovation and integrated innovation, with the purpose ofserving Chinese educational information and modernization, to promote our education of information technology and the products of standardization, and enhance the field of education information of engineering research and industrialization of technological innovation capability and technological achievements,Industrialization transformation level.

The purpose of NERCEL development: "tracking international cutting-edge technology, integrating educational information resources, creating digital media platform, providing high-quality content services". In future classrooms, in aspects of IPTV, virtual reality, and knowledge service, we have made the encouraging research progress and industrialization transformed results.

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