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The 2017 Opening Ceremony of the NERCEL was Successfully Held

release time:2017-09-07


At 3 p.m. on September 3rd, the opening ceremony of the NERCEL was held in the first floor conference room of Shaw International Conference Center. Teachers and new students of NERCEL attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Luo Lihua, the secretary of the party committee.  


The opening ceremony began with the host showing her welcome to new students,and Liu Sanya,the executive deputy director of the center delivered the first speech. Director Liu warmly welcomed the arrival of all the 2017 master and doctoral students, and also introduced in detail the school running situation, the faculties situation, the specifications for personnel training and the future development goals. From the introduction, the distinctive features, the abundant running strength and the future clearly development goals inspired all the teachers and students. At the same time, Director Liu put forward new hope to the new students, and told them to finish the research project in the future with realistic style and attitude.  


Secondly,the deputy director of the center,Yu Xinguo,briefly introduced the future life for the graduate students, the methods of international communication, the personnel training specifications of the Wollongong Institute and so on,which let the graduate students have a global goal for their next few years’ life. Wu Shaojing, the deputy director of the center and Chen Jingying, the director of the academic committee respectively introduced the training situation of the graduate students ,and academic norms and academic standards of the center,which let the freshmen understood in detail their learning direction and task.  


Then,Xiang Ying,the 2017 freshmen representative and Li Yongdan,the 2016 student representative gave a speech.As freshmen representative,Xiang Ying clearly expressed her desire  and longing for future learning life and profoundly expressed her determination and attitude to keep forward.As a student representative,Li Yongdan, combined with his own experience, gave new students some advice on future learning and life.Next,Huang Tao,as the teacher representative,gave a speech.He hoped that students not only need to learn knowledge and skills, but also need to develop their own ability.  

Finally, the Secretary Luo Lihua made a conclusion to the meeting and wished the students all the best in their future learning and life. 


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