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doctor,professor.Dean of School of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Member of ACM and IEEE Computer Society; Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society.

Joe Chicharo

President and Professor of the Dean of the College of Information and Communication, University of Australia. An authoritative expert in the field of information technology in Australia.

Yang Hao

Professor of Life at Oswego College, State University of New York, USA; editor-in-chief and reviewer of many internationally renowned academic journals.

Ren Fuji

Ren Fuji, professor at Tokushima University, Japan, conducts research on information processing,artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and multilingual translation.

Hu Xiaohua

Hu Xiaohua, a well-known expert in the field of text semantic analysis and education knowledge management, worked for the Nortel Networks Research Center and the U.S. General Telephone Electronics Company Laboratory (Verizon Laboratories).

Zhang Jin

Zhang Jin, expert author in the field of knowledge visualization, Prof. Mainly engaged in knowledge visualization, digital resource management and other research directions.

Cliff Garbutt

The American Emmy Award winner, a senior expert in digital animation, and the world's top animation master, won the only award-winning winner in the animation industry in the "Canada 2005 Award for Outstanding 25 Characters.",served as chairman of television art design at Radical Entertainment and EA.


Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, Australian CRC Interdisciplinary. Design CEO and President of the Australian Creative Industry Research and Applications Center.

Yu Xinguo

Internationally renowned experts in the field of visual information retrieval and processing. Hid major researches involves multimedia technology, computer vision and myopia algorithms.

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